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New guild comunnity

gerbzy, Mar 1, 11 9:12 AM.
Hi all,

ryu has now brought baker our new guild community island, you will be able to buy plots and lairs at 1 sliver so if your interested in making a lair or plot please ask ryu or an active officer of the guild for information and coordinates.
baker will be a starting point for all players new to building lairs and plots with us eventually moving over to winters peak for a even bigger and better guild community island.

Lerissa Tiaan

teamspeak voice chat server

gerbzy, Feb 15, 11 6:22 PM.
Hello all,
Ok time to leave ventrilo we now have a unlimited teamspeak server so everyone can join and start to chat instead of typing :D
you can download the latest client here teamspeak client download

once downloaded and installed open teamspeak and click on connections then connect then enter the following information and make a username

Port number: 9988
Password: test1234

so remember to uninsteall ventrillo as the server is no longer active as i have cancelled the subscription.
Only use teamspeak from now on :D

if u need any help please post in either help section in the forum or contact me in game.
Lerissa Tiaan

Calling all Members!

Midgiemoot, Jan 28, 11 1:24 PM.
                   Help Guides

If you, or anyone have any knowledge you'd like to pass on such as crafting, quests, lairshaping, etc. feel free to make a guide about it and support your fellow guildmates! It is our hope at Dragon's Soul that we will be able to make a comprehensive guide as a team for the betterment of our guild.

-Midgie Gnomebane

Our Guild Leader is in the Hospital!

Midgiemoot, Jan 16, 11 9:34 AM.
                 URGENT NEWS

Our leader Zakir Goldspot is currently in intensive care at a hospital and is still recovering from an illness; because of this, he will not be online for a while until he can gather his strength back.

I will keep you guys updated if he messages me again, in the meantime let's all take a moment to wish him well and keep the guild nice and warm for his return.

-Midgie Gnomebane

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Midgiemoot, Dec 23, 10 7:08 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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